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Topic of SBC name change takes flight on Twitter

September 20, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It didn’t take long for the commentary flood to swell up after Southern Baptist Convention president Bryant Wright announced at the SBC Executive Committee meeting Tuesday the appointment of a task force to explore a new name for the convention.

“First, the convention’s name is so regional,” said Wright to members of the Executive Committee Tuesday. “With our focus on church planting, it is challenging in many parts of the country to lead churches to want to be part of a convention with such a regional name. Second, a name change could position us to maximize our effectiveness in reaching North America for Jesus Christ in the 21st century.”

Wright’s announcement set off a storm of comments that evening into today, primarily on Twitter. Here’s a rundown on what Georgia Baptists had to say as well as those around the country. For up-to-the-minute posts, follow the #sbcnamechange hash tag on Twitter.
BREAKING: Southern Baptist Conv. Pres. Wright appoints task force to study possible SBC name change. Story to follow #fb
September 19, 2011

North American Mission Board vice president for Communications Mike Ebert was covering the Executive Committee meeting. Aaron Coe, NAMB vice president for Mobilization, added his own thoughts shortly thereafter.

EC member rises to oppose Wright’s proposal to study name change, suggesting Exec Committee look at the matter to gauge cost and impact.
September 19, 2011
Ethnocentrism is one of the biggest issues that faces missions. A SBC name change is an important step in overcoming that.
September 19, 2011
Jesse Fortson, pastor of Byron Baptist Church
SBC president Bryant Wright has appointed a task force to explore the poss of a name change of the Southern Bapt convo. // SO OVERDUE!
September 19, 2011
When I tell people in New York City that we are Southern Baptist the typical sentiment is ‘Well go back’.#SBCnamechange
September 19, 2011
Frank Cox, pastor of North Metro First Baptist Church in Lawreceville.
SBC change comes with great difficulty. But we must be Kingdom Minded. This is a discussion that must take place.
September 19, 2011
Vigorous and emotional discussion over potential SBC name change now on floor of SBC Executive Committee. #SBC
September 19, 2011
Best discussion in years-Bryant displaying visionary spiritual leadership.
September 19, 2011
Wayne Bray, pastor, Beulah Baptist Church, Douglasville
Some argue the costs of a task force might be too high. Others might argue the cost of refusing to consider an SBC name change even higher.
September 19, 2011

Tommy Fountain, director of missions, Mulberry Association

SBC desperately needs repentance, renewal, and a revival. We can change the name but unless our hearts are changed, it’ll be a name change.
September 19, 2011
If #SBCnamechange is aiming to change perception, then 1st develop a task force that isnt composed of a bunch of old southern white dudes
September 19, 2011
Justin Carter, youth minister, Piedmont Avenue Baptist Church, Rockmart
i like the idea of a #sbcnamechange debate. we will just have to see what other names they come up with. i’m kinda on the fence about it.
September 19, 2011

This morning the topic picked up new life, with Albany pastor Michael Catt having strong opinions on the subject.

Just now hearing about proposed name change. We’re in mtgs talking about revival and we’ve got ldrs worried about labels. #wrongconcerns
September 20, 2011
I propose a new name for the SBC if we don’t have revival – DEAD!
September 20, 2011
Worried about a name change for SBC? That’s like trying to renamed TITANIC as she’s going down. No wonder the world ignores us
September 20, 2011
Any organization that is in decline and tries to fix it w/ band aids when it needs heart surgery is missing God.
September 20, 2011
Sardis Baptist Church pastor Ken Nichols.
@MichaelCatt it’s not an either/or but both/and. We can seek a better name AND God’s Spirit. #negativityunhelpful
September 20, 2011
Georgia Baptist and blogger Peter Lumpkins generated a post outlining his thoughts.
Name Change for Southern Baptists? Here we go again by Peter Lumpkins – sbc tomorrow

Baptist Press released the Southern Baptist Convention President”s announcement that he appointed a task force to study the name of Southern Baptists >>> Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright has announced the appointment of a presidential task force to study the prospect of changing the 166-year-old convention’s name.

Daniel Ausbun, pastor, First Baptist Moreland

Task force appointed to change SBC’s name: Int’l Bapt. Convention or Great Commission Bapt. Convention. I like GCBC. SBC is too regional.
September 20, 2011

Mike Hardin, pastor, First Baptist Lovejoy

Is it possible to change a name that is a barrier to sharing the gospel AND pray for revival @MichaelCatt? #SBCnamechange
September 20, 2011
In addition to comments on the merit of a name change, there were suggestions for the SBC to join the Big East since there may be some openings or even become the Baptists United By Biblical Action (BUBBA) convention (thanks @tomascol).

Today on pray4sbc.com, a page went live asking for suggestions on a different name for the Southern Baptist Convention.

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